Just Travel Cover Reviews

Just Travel Cover Reviews

Just travel cover reviews: just travel cover is a uk-based specialist travel insurance provider with over 15 years of experience offering a range of insurance products to suit all types of travellers. As a specialist in travel insurance, just travel cover has gained a reputation for providing comprehensive and affordable policies to customers with pre-existing medical conditions or those over the age of 75.

The company has a team of experienced underwriters who work to create policies that meet the specific needs of each customer. Just travel cover also offers a range of optional extras such as winter sports cover and cruise cover, making it easy for customers to tailor their policies to their individual requirements.

With excellent customer reviews and an efficient claims process, just travel cover is a popular choice for travellers in the uk.

The Importance Of Travel Insurance: Why Just Travel Cover Reviews Matter

The importance of travel insurance: why just travel cover reviews matter

Traveling is an adventure that brings new experiences, knowledge, and memories. However, it is essential to remember that any trip can involve some risks. Whether it’s an accident, illness, canceled flights, or stolen luggage – life happens, even when you’re on vacation.

That’s why you need travel insurance. In this blog post, we will discuss the risks of traveling without insurance, why just travel cover is the best choice for your travel insurance needs, and why just travel cover reviews matter.

Understanding The Risks Of Traveling Without Travel Insurance

Traveling without insurance can be stressful, especially if something unexpected happens. Below are some risks of traveling without insurance:

  • Medical emergencies: You never know when a medical emergency may arise. Without insurance, the cost of healthcare can be incredibly expensive, adding stress to an already distressing situation.
  • Canceled flights: Flight cancellations happen all the time, often challenging to predict. Without travel insurance, you could lose a significant amount of money spent on flights and accommodation.
  • Stolen or lost luggage: Losing your belongings, especially if you’re in a foreign country, can be a real headache. Without travel insurance, you may have trouble covering the costs of replacing lost or stolen luggage.

Why Just Travel Cover Is An Essential Company For Your Travel Insurance Needs

Just travel cover is a uk-based travel insurance provider that offers coverage for a range of trips, including cruises, winter sports, and pre-existing medical conditions. Below are some reasons why you should consider just travel cover:

  • Specialized coverage: Just travel cover offers specialized coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, making it an excellent choice for travelers with medical issues.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Just travel cover offers comprehensive coverage, including cancellation, curtailment, and emergency medical expenses.
  • Great customer service: Just travel cover has a team of dedicated customer service professionals, making it easy for you to resolve any issues promptly.

Just Travel Cover Reviews Matter

Before deciding on a travel insurance provider, it’s always best to read reviews from previous customers. Just travel cover has an impressive track record of positive reviews:

  • Great coverage: Many customers are impressed with the range of coverage offered by just travel cover.
  • Outstanding customer service: Customers appreciate just travel cover’s outstanding customer service, which ensures all issues are resolved promptly.
  • Competitive prices: Just travel cover offers some of the best prices in the market, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious travelers.

Travel insurance is crucial for anyone who spends time on the road. Just travel cover is an excellent choice for your travel insurance needs, offering specialized coverage, excellent customer service and competitive prices. So don’t wait until it’s too late – get insured today!

Key Features Of Just Travel Cover Reviews

Just travel cover reviews aims to provide travelers with comprehensive and affordable travel insurance policies that offer coverage throughout their journey. This review will explore the key features of just travel cover’s policies to help you decide whether this is the right choice for you.

Range Of Policies Available

Just travel cover offers a range of policies suitable for different travelers and travel styles. These include:

  • Single trip policies: Ideal for one-off trips, you can choose from 4 levels of coverage to suit your needs.
  • Annual policies: If you travel frequently, just travel cover’s annual policies can provide coverage for unlimited trips in a year.
  • Family policies: Available under both single trip and annual policies, just travel cover provides family protection with added discounts.
  • Backpacker policies: Perfect for those who enjoy an extended trip, just travel cover offers policies up to 18 months.

Travel Insurance For Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Just travel cover understands that everyone’s medical needs are different. They offer an online medical screening process that allows travelers to declare their pre-existing medical conditions and receive a tailored policy that meets their specific needs.

24-Hour Emergency Assistance For Travelers

Just travel cover provides 24-hour assistance services for travelers, which includes medical and emergency assistance, trip cancellations, and lost baggage. In an event of an emergency, you can contact their team of professionals who will assist you with the required support.

Just travel cover reviews offer a range of comprehensive and affordable policies that cater to different types of travel. Whether it’s single trip or an extended backpacking adventure, they provide tailored coverage for pre-existing medical conditions with 24-hour assistance to ensure travelers’ safety and security on their journey.

Comparing Just Travel Cover With Other Travel Insurance Providers

How Does Just Travel Cover Compare With Other Travel Insurance Providers In Terms Of Pricing, Policies, And Customer Service?

Just travel cover is an established travel insurance provider in the uk, offering a range of policies for individuals and families, with options for those with pre-existing medical conditions. Here’s how just travel cover compares with other travel insurance providers:


  • Just travel cover offers competitive pricing for its policies compared to other travel insurance providers in the same market.
  • Premiums are tailored based on individual circumstances, such as age, destination, trip duration, and pre-existing medical conditions.
  • The provider also offers discounts for couples and families purchasing policies together.


  • Just travel cover offers a range of insurance policies that cater to travellers with pre-existing medical conditions, which can be difficult to find with other providers in the market.
  • The policies are put together by a team of experts who have researched and considered the specific needs of travellers with medical conditions.
  • Customers can choose from a variety of policies, including single trip, annual multi-trip, and cruise insurance, each tailored to their individual requirements.

Customer Service:

  • Just travel cover is renowned for its excellent customer service, with a dedicated team available to provide assistance throughout the insurance buying process.
  • The provider offers a 24/7 helpline for emergency assistance and claims.
  • Customers can easily manage their policies online, making changes or renewals quick and simple.

What Are The Key Differentiators That Set Just Travel Cover Apart?

Just travel cover distinguishes itself from other travel insurance providers in several ways:

Specialisation In Pre-Existing Medical Conditions:

  • Just travel cover recognises that individuals with pre-existing medical conditions may struggle to find the right travel insurance policy for their specific needs.
  • The provider’s policies are designed to take into account individual medical requirements, ensuring peace of mind and financial protection whilst travelling.

Focus On Individual Customer Needs:

  • Just travel cover tailors their policies based on individual customer needs, with a range of options available for different types of travellers.
  • The provider offers flexibility in policy types and add-ons, catering to the diverse needs of its customers.

Great Reputation:

  • Just travel cover enjoys a fantastic reputation for its customer service and competitive pricing.
  • The provider has a wealth of positive reviews from satisfied customers who appreciate the tailored policies and excellent service.

Customer Reviews: What Are Customers Saying About Just Travel Cover?

Analyzing Customer Experiences And Feedback To Understand How Just Travel Cover Performs

When it comes to buying a travel cover, one of the most important factors is to ensure that the provider is reliable and trustworthy. Just travel cover is one such provider. To understand how well just travel cover performs, we have analyzed the customer experiences and feedback, which provides an insight into their overall performance – positive and negative feedback.

Areas Of Excellence

After conducting thorough research, we identified several areas where just travel cover excelled. These include:

  • Extensive coverage: One of the commendable things about just travel cover is that they offer a vast array of coverage options that cater to different kinds of travelers with different needs.
  • Exceptional customer service: Many customers who had to file claims praised the customer support staff. They provided empathetic and swift resolutions to their issues.
  • Affordable rates: Just travel cover offers the best value for its coverage compared to industry standards, which makes it accessible to all kinds of travelers.

Potential Areas Of Improvement

Despite their excellent customer service and coverage options, just travel cover has some areas for improvement, including:

  • Lengthy waiting time: Many customers complain about the long wait times when contacting the customer support helpline. This could lead to frustration and inconvenience, and delay in claim settlements.
  • Complex policy language: Some travelers felt that just travel cover’s policy language was difficult to understand, which could lead to confusion when filing claims.
  • Fewer coverage options for pre-existing medical conditions: While just travel cover offers some coverage options for pre-existing medical conditions, several customers felt that the options could be more comprehensive.

Our analysis of just travel cover’s customer experiences and feedback revealed that they are a reliable travel coverage provider, with some areas of excellence and potential for improvement. We recommend that travelers give just travel cover due consideration when choosing a travel coverage provider.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Just Travel Cover Reviews

What Is Just Travel Cover?

Just travel cover is a travel insurance provider that offers a range of policies for various types of travellers. They aim to provide comprehensive cover and value for money.

What Types Of Cover Do Just Travel Cover Offer?

Just travel cover offers a range of cover options including single trip, annual multi-trip, cruise, and winter sports cover. They also offer cover for those with pre-existing medical conditions.

How Do I Make A Claim With Just Travel Cover?

To make a claim with just travel cover, you can either download a claims form from their website or request one be sent to you. You will need to provide details of your policy, travel and the circumstances surrounding the claim.

What Is Contact Number For Just Travel Cover?

You can contact just travel cover on 0800 294 2969 or +44 1202 752 725 if calling from abroad. They are available monday-friday 9am-5pm.

Can I Cancel My Just Travel Cover Policy?

If you decide to cancel your policy with just travel cover within 14 days of purchase, you will be entitled to a full refund, provided you have not already travelled and no claims have been made. After 14 days, no refund will be given.

Is Just Travel Cover A Reliable Insurance Provider?

Just travel cover is a reputable and reliable insurance provider. They are authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority, and they receive consistently positive reviews from customers.


To sum up, just travel cover seems to be a solid choice for those seeking reliable and trustworthy travel insurance. Their policies cover a wide range of destinations and activities, ensuring that travelers are protected throughout their trips. The customer service team also appears to be helpful and responsive, making it easy for customers to get the assistance they need in a timely manner.

While there are always exceptions to every rule, the overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers suggest that just travel cover is a great option for anyone seeking peace of mind while on the go. So if you’re planning a trip in the near future, be sure to consider just travel cover for your insurance needs.

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