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Progressive Pet Insurance Review – Is it worth your money?

When it comes to protecting your pet, you want the best protection at an affordable cost. Progressive Pet Insurance helps keep your costs down with its unlimited benefits and allows you to care for your pet whenever needed. Your pet is important to you; keeping them healthy should be a priority too! This company has coverage that goes beyond primary medical care for your pet.

Your coverage includes wellness care, trip fees outside of your home state, hereditary and congenital conditions, spay/neuter surgery for pets under 20 lbs., replacement Guaranteed Renewable policy if you are forced to cancel due to accident or illness, emergency evacuation insurance in case of a natural disaster abroad plus veterinary referral services which provide 24-hour access to health information; there’s also coverage for prescription medications, wellness visits & exams. 

Progressive Pet Insurance also has a monthly premium where you’ll only be charged $1 for your pet regardless of weight, and they even refund claims if Progressive is not able to pay on them!

Is Progressive Pet Insurance is worth it?

Progressive pet insurance is an excellent company that has been around for many years. Your furry family member deserves the best care; Progressive Pet Insurance offers coverage beyond primary medical care for your pet. In addition, the benefits of Progressive Pet Insurance are unlimited, which is excellent if you have a growing family or new addition to your home.

Progressive also has options beyond what traditional insurance companies cover, like lost wages reimbursement and 24/7 access to veterinarians. So progressive Pet Insurance not only protects you financially but gives your pets the financial protection they need as well!

I love my dog very much and want him to be happy and healthy always. I know he would do the same for me, so why wouldn’t I insure him with Progressive. Progressive Pet Insurance provides coverage for your pet’s wellness care, hereditary and congenital conditions, dental plan, trip fees outside of your home state, replacement Guaranteed Renewable policy if you are forced to surrender him due to financial hardship or unemployment the list goes on!

Progressive is so much more than basic insurance plans offered by other companies. Progressive offers many different wellness plans that can suit any budget, and each program includes routine care like vaccines.

The essential benefit Progressive Pet Insurance has not only saved my account but also saved my dog! Recently I went out of town with friends who have three dogs. When I was getting ready to come back home, one of the dogs had gotten sick. My friends took her to the vet but left their wallets at home. Not only did Progressive cover most of the cost, but my friend only had to pay a deductible.

Progressive is not an insurance company; Progressive is a dependable, reputable company with your pet’s best interest in mind. Progressive will always be there for you and your four-legged family member when it counts!

I don’t know what I would have done without Progressive Pet Insurance. They have been nothing but helpful since day one! They have saved me money in ways unimaginable, and I can see why they are number one in pet insurance.

Overview of Progressive Pet Insurance

Progressive Pet Insurance

Progressive Pet Insurance (PPI) offers plans for both cats and dogs. There are different coverage options, including wellness care, emergency veterinary coverage, trip fees outside of your home state, hereditary and congenital conditions, spay/neuter surgery for pets under 20 lbs., replacement Guaranteed Renewable policy if you are forced to surrender your pet due to covered accident or illness. Progressive also offers flexible payment options.

Progressive sells policies through thousands of independent agents and brokers, including online companies. Progressive Insurance was founded in 1937 by Jack Green and his wife Elisabeth; the firm initially specialized in car insurance for female drivers with good driving records, who were unappreciated by most insurers. Progressive is a national insurer and in 2016 ranked 66th on the Fortune 500 list of largest United States corporations by revenue.

It’s essential to choose a plan that will be helpful if anything unexpected happens to your pet. Progressive Pet Insurance is the best, most reliable plan available for your pet. In addition, you can quote Progressive online and apply instantly! Progressive Pet Insurance $1,000 Broken Leg Benefit $2,500 Illness Benefit $10,000 Accident Death Benefit Unlimited.

Progressive Pet Insurance Independent reviews from real customers can be found all across the internet. For example, customers who have submitted reviews on Google give it 3 out of 5 stars for website ease, its signup process, quality of customer service, value compared to other companies, policy offerings, and accuracy of quotes.

On Reviewopedia, you will find that Progressive Pet Insurance has received some positive reviews, with some people saying Progressive offered them better deals than other companies. However, progressive Pet Insurance reviews on Consumer Affairs are generally negative, with many customers saying Progressive gave them misinformation or failed to cover certain services.

Progressive is known for having affordable prices for their plans, but you must do your research to find the best plan that suits your pet’s needs at a price that you can afford. PPI offers discounts based on where you live, your pet’s age, and the breed of animal you have. In addition, you can receive up to 25% off of your bill by being enrolled in an autopay program, as well as up to 50% off if both of these conditions are met.

What we like about Progressive’s coverage

Progressive Pet Insurance offers different plans that can suit your needs. Progressive has several options for coverage. Progressive provides the popular accident-only program, which pays for accidents and injuries only; its comprehensive plan will pay for illness, hereditary/congenital conditions, preventive care, and surgeries (spays/neuters).

Progressive also has a last-chance plan to cover expenses incurred if an existing condition worsens significantly despite other treatments. In addition, progressive’s benefits are not based on age or breed; they cover all pets.

Progressive also provides coverage for trips taken outside of your home state to access specialized veterinary care. For example, if you have a dog with cancer and want him to undergo chemotherapy—which is typically done in a speciality clinic— Progressive’s plan covers the costs to transport your pet. Additionally, Progressive insures all pets up to age 20 pounds for a fixed premium and covers hereditary and congenital conditions diagnosed before their coverage expires.

What could be improved?

Progressive has several complaints about how difficult it can be to get in touch with them, and some customers have said they “waste your time trying to get you to buy one policy over the other”. Progressive does offer unlimited benefits, but some customers have complained that Progressive doesn’t cover anything beyond your pet is injured or sick, so if you have both of these things wrong with your pet at once, then there’s no natural way around it.

Progressive also has an overwhelming amount of rules for getting reimbursed for specific illnesses, surgeries, etc. This means that Progressive doesn’t necessarily return what you thought you were covered for. In addition, customers are unhappy about the difficulty Progressive has in refunding claims that have been turned down.

Progressive also does not offer options for those who want to pay monthly, which can be a downside for customers. Progressive is noted to have the highest premiums out of other pet insurance companies. Progressive seems to emphasize denying claims and issues rather than helping its customers through any difficult time they may face with their pets.

Does Progressive offer pet insurance?

Progressive Pet Insurance offers support for veterinary care that your pet needs. Progressive provides coverage like hereditary and congenital conditions, replacement policy if you are forced to cancel your plan during the first two years of enrollment, wellness care, trip fees outside of your home state, spay/neuter surgery for pets under 20 lbs., and more!

Progressive Pet Insurance offers affordable rates with unlimited benefits. Progressive knows how important it is to keep our beloved family members healthy.

The Pros and Cons of Progressive Pet Insurance

Progressive Pet Insurance has an excellent customer service team that is ready to answer all your questions about the different types of policies and ingredients included in the plans.

Many pet insurance companies are on the market, but Progressive Pet Insurance is affordable with its discounts every month for loyal customers.

Progressive Pet Insurance has a simple and easy-to-use website where you can check out quotes for your pet, review the different types of plans, and make changes to your policy.

I’m sure Progressive Pet Insurance is happy to help with any questions and concerns you might have about insuring your pet. Progressive Pet Insurance also gives customers access to an app on their phone, like Progressive Car Insurance. To see the different types of policies Progressive Pet Insurance offers, go to ProgressiveInsurance.

Common questions about pet insurance

What does a pet do with your personal information?

Progressive Pet Insurance has a privacy policy that they stand by and do not share your information with companies outside of Progressive.

This also means that if Progressive is sold or acquired, Progressive will transfer your data to the acquiring company to keep the same insurance plan. Progressive is one of the most respected brands in pet insurance as it saves pets every day.

Progressive does not sell your information for any marketing purposes or use it for advertising purposes. Your personal information is only used for filing claims and the necessary business processes required from Progressive.

Do you need pet insurance?

I don’t think I need it, but Progressive Insurance is doing good things to entice me. It’s something you want to look into if you have a pet. Progressive Pet insurance is excellent for all types of cats and dogs, no matter the breed or size!

Are there certain types of pets Progressive does not cover? 

Progressive Pet Insurance will cover any cat or dog breed, age, weight, health problems, etc. In addition, advanced offers “equine insurance” that allows owners of horses to be reimbursed for vet expenses up to $5k per horse. They do not offer this for other animals beyond horses at this time, though.

How do Progressive Pet Insurance works?

Progressive Pet Insurance has a very flexible plan for you to pick from. You can choose to cover your pet at their current age, which means that any pre-existing conditions will not be covered until this plan expires and they turn one year old; or if you want coverage right away, Progressive offers four other programs to choose from that protect your pet’s health in the following ways:

  • The Basic progressive plan covers accidents and injuries that happen suddenly when you are away from home.
  • Progressive Major Medical plan covers 80% of accident and injury costs after the deductible is met. This is an excellent option for preventive care with no restrictions.
  • Progressive RX plan covers accident and injury costs and allergic reactions that occur unexpectedly outside of your home.
  • Progressive Accidental Injury plan is the same as Progressive Basic but also includes accidental poisoning costs.

How do I know what pet insurance policy to pick?

If you are unsure about which Progressive Pet Insurance policy you should get, Progressive has experts on staff that know about each Progressive Pet Insurance policy. These experts can help you decide which Progressive Pet Insurance plan is best for your situation and your pet’s needs. Progressive’s team understands how important it is to keep animals healthy, so they are here to make the process simple and worry-free.

How far will Progressive cover my pet?

If Progressive Pet Insurance has a particular coverage, Progressive will pay up to your chosen limits. For example, suppose Progressive’s Major Medical plan covers 80% of accident and injury costs after meeting deductibles. In that case, Progressive will only cover what your deductible covers and then 80% of any additional fees.

How can I save money as a Progressive Pet Insurance policyholder?

Progressive offers discounts to those who own multiple pets. Progressive also provides an additional 10% discount if you sign up for automatic payment and paperless billing. Progressive knows how important it is that your pet gets the care they need and when they need it. Progressive understands that accidents happen, whether we like it or not, so Progressive Pet Insurance is here to help you save money and worry less about your pet’s health.

How does Progressive Pet Insurance compare to other insurance companies?

Progressive Pet Insurance has a specific guide comparing Progressive policies to 4 other major pet insurance brands: 24PetWatch, AKC/CHAMP, Embrace and Healthy Paws. This guide helps you understand Progressive’s policies and which policy is best for your needs. Progressive Pet Insurance also offers a customer support number that can be called day or night, seven days a week, so Progressive can help its customers when they need it the most.

How much is pet insurance?

Progressive Pet Insurance has a premium cost for its plans. PPI offers four different levels of coverage to best suit your needs and your budget. Their PetFirst plan costs $27 per month; their FirstCare goal is $37 per month. Their Comprehensive plan is $47 a month, and lastly, their BestCare plan costs $57 a month.

Progressive plans give pet owners the best value for the coverage and level of benefits they receive. In addition, progressive offers a free initial consultation with licensed agents; these agents can help review your policy options and make sure you get the most out of your insurance plan.

Progressive has its in-house claims department, which gives you better service and quicker claim processing time. In addition, progressive offers a 10% discount for a multiple pet household.

Routine and preventive care

Progressive Pet Insurance covers routine and preventive care like shots, heartworm tests, and preventative products such as flea and tick medication.

They also cover annual wellness exams, where we check your pet’s ears, eyes, skin/coat, and more for abnormalities that may develop over time. This is the perfect time to discuss any questions or concerns about your pet’s health with the veterinarian.

Every Progressive Pet Insurance policy includes up to $500 for you to use each year toward routine and preventive care.

This means that even if your yearly exam costs more than $500, Progressive will cover the balance of what your regular vet charges. There are no co-payments or other additional fees.


Progressive Pet Insurance may not cover Progressive’s website. In addition, progressive deny claims or cancels Progressive insurance plans for the following, but this is not an all-inclusive list:

  1. Progressive will deny coverage if you fail to notify them within 30 days of any change in your pet’s health that might affect coverage.
  2. Progressive can deny coverage for any pre-existing condition if not reported within 30 days. Progressive defines a pre-existing condition as “an illness, disease, or physical condition that is diagnosed during the initial policy period.” Progressive does have no waiting periods for hereditary or congenital diseases.
  3. Progressive Pet Insurance will deny claims of abuse, misadventure, neglect, or willful conduct.
  4. Progressive Pet Insurance does not cover “congenital conditions found during the initial physical exam” Progressive states that this is defined as “a condition existing in your pet at the time of its initial examination by a participating veterinarian.” However, Progressive will cover congenital or hereditary conditions if diagnosed within 45 days of Progressive accepting your pet.
  5. Progressive Pet Insurance will not cover accident-only plans for cats over the age of 12 or dogs over the age of seven by Progressive’s definition.


Progressive Pet Insurance is worth your money if you look for a company that allows unlimited benefits to keep your pet healthy. PPI also has an affordable cost with good customer service when problems arise. Progressive is all about keeping your pet healthy, which makes this company perfect for any pet owner! You can get an online quote today by visiting

Thank you for reading my Progressive Pet Insurance Review – Is Progressive Pet Insurance worth your money? Have you ever used Progressive Pet Insurance? What has been your experience with Progressive Pet Insurance, good or bad? Please leave a comment below and let me know how it went!

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