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Allstate Life Insurance Review 2022

Allstate is the second-largest personal lines insurer in the U.S., with nearly 10 million customers as of 2016. Through its Allstate Insurance Company subsidiary, Allstate offers auto, home, motorcycle, ATV/recreational vehicle, business, and life insurance. The current chairman and CEO of All-State are Tom Wilson, who has served since 2007 after replacing Edward Liddy. Before Mr Liddy, the founder Thomas J Smith was the leader of All-State from 1931 until he died in 1952.

Allstate also owns several other businesses, including Esurance, Encompass Insurance Company & SquareTrade, all of which are subsidiaries of Allstate Corporation. In addition, Allstate Insurance Company also offers Allstate Financial, which provides insurance, investments and banking to Allstate customers. With headquarters in Northbrook, IL, All State has 50,000 employees company-wide with numerous agencies worldwide.

Universal Life Insurance Options from Allstate

When Allstate first released LifeEssentials, their Universal Life Insurance option, in 1989, Allstate was a leading life insurance provider. But even though Allstate’s universal life insurance is still a competitive product, Allstate has focused on other products lately and stopped promoting its significant product line, at least as far as the Allstate website goes. So if Allstate isn’t pushing its LifeEssentials line any longer, why should Allstate customers consider it?

Universal life insurance from Allstate could be a good fit for people who want to choose how much money they pay into their policy. For example, suppose you have your heart set on an Allstate life insurance policy but aren’t sure whether or not Allstate’s Universal Life Insurance will fit your needs. In that case, Allstate provides a free online life insurance quote calculator to help you determine the price of Allstate’s Life Essentials policy.

Allstate also offers Allstate Life Insurance customers access to Allstate Financial Advisors, who can help Allstate Life Insurance clients choose their investments for Allstate Universal Life Insurance policies. Allstate Life Insurance clients will need to pay an additional amount if they want Allstate’s financial advisors to manage their accounts. Still, many other insurance companies charge more than Allstate does for this type of service.

If Allstate doesn’t seem like the best choice for your needs, check out our lists of the top 10 best universal life insurance companies and all-time best life insurance companies. You might find that one of these providers better suits your needs.

If Allstate’s universal life insurance isn’t for you, Allstate Life Insurance also offers Allstate Term Life Insurance. Find out more about Allstate Term Life Insurance here. If Allstate is letting its Allstate Universal Life Insurance policies lapse, make sure you compare to our list of the best Allstate term life insurance options.

Universal life insurance from Allstate may not be the most popular versatile life insurance option available today. However, it could still be exactly what you’re looking for if you need an affordable way to get the level of death benefit that will protect you and your family in case of your passing away. It’s easy to compare prices online with Allstate Life Insurance’s free online quote calculator or give Allstate Life Insurance a call to speak with one of Allstate’s Allstate Life Insurance representatives.

Allstate has been in business for over 80 years, so they are the Allstate Tax-Deferred Annuity people, after all! All you have to do is compare Allstate Life Insurance with other companies, find out which Allstate life insurance options meet your needs, and get ready for some of the best life insurance products on the market today!

How much does Allstate Life Insurance cost? 

Allstate Life Insurance is a costly type of life insurance. Allstate Life Insurance costs an average of $32 per month for every thousand dollars in coverage or $0.32 per day. Allstate Life Insurance has the second-highest costs among all reviewed providers, behind only Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance Company, which charges $33.22 per month. Allstate charges the most for term life insurance; other companies offer lower rates on similar policies (Mackey, 2012).

An Allstate agent, for example, might quote you a price of 100 cents for every $1,000 that you want to be covered by Allstate’s Term 10 plan (25-year level benefit period and 30-day annual renewable term). Thus, your maximum Allstate Life Insurance cost would be $32 per month, which works out to $384 for the year.

Allstate Life Insurance premiums are higher than most Allstate competitors because Allstate tends to offer more comprehensive coverage. Allstate Life Insurance policies have accelerated benefits that can help you cover the costs of critical illnesses or significant accidents. Allstate’s rates aren’t quite as competitive as some other Allstate carriers’.

What does Allstate Life insurance offer?

Allstate Life Insurance offers a variety of life insurance plans, including term life insurance and permanent forms of life insurance. Both permanent and term life insurance are available with participating and non-participating options, giving customers the flexibility to tailor Allstate’s life policy around their needs. Allstate Life Insurance policies are public with the following types of benefits:

  • Accelerated Benefits;
  • All Perils;
  • Disability Waiver of Premium (DWOP);
  • Guaranteed Issue;
  • Level Term;
  • Paid-Up Additions (PUA); and
  • Term Certain.

Is Allstate right for me?

Allstate life insurance is among the leading providers of life insurance policies in the United States. Allstate has helped over 10 million families protect their loved ones, and Allstate continues to offer some of the most comprehensive coverage options on the market today. Allstate works with you to provide ​the right amount of protection at an affordable price.

Life Insurance through Allstate can help your loved ones rebuild their lives if anything should happen to you. Allstate plans offer guaranteed acceptance for individuals interested in starting a policy without answering any health questions; Allstate offers disability income options as well as accidental death benefits.

Allstate life insurance also offers term life policies that are renewable until age 100 (or age 95 for some Allstate Life products) – like Allstate guaranteed acceptance life insurance. In addition, all state disability income options are also renewable until age 100. Allstate life insurance plans are designed to help individuals protect what matters most – their families, homes, cars, and more.

Allstate Life Insurance Plans come complete with a range of affordable payment plan options so you can choose the one that best suits your needs without breaking the bank.

Allstate Life Insurance Plans provide coverage to over 10 million families in the U.S. Allstate is dedicated to providing its customers with peace of mind through superior customer service while giving them the financial flexibility to meet their changing needs. Allstate provides annuities for retirement objectives; this Allstate retirement Income rider aims to build cash value which you receive later on in life via dividends. Allstate also provides Allstate Term Life Insurance which includes Allstate guaranteed acceptance life insurance.

Allstate term life insurance options are renewable until age 100 (or age 95 for some Allstate Life products). Allstate term plans can be used to pay off debt, save for college expenses, or distribute money to a loved one of your choice in the event of sudden death.

Allstate Life is dedicated to providing customers with peace of mind through superior customer service while giving them the financial flexibility to meet their changing needs. Allstate provides annuities for retirement objectives; this Allstate retirement Income rider aims to build cash value which you receive later on in life via dividends.

Allstate also provides Allstate Term Life Insurance which includes Allstate guaranteed acceptance life insurance. Allstate term life insurance options are renewable until age 100 (or age 95 for some Allstate Life products).

Allstate term plans can be used to pay off debt, save for college expenses, or distribute money to a loved one of your choice in the event of sudden death. Allstate also offers disability income benefits Allstate. Allstate disability income provides you with guaranteed cash flow, so you have potential earnings when you can’t work.

How do I buy life insurance from Allstate?

If you want Allstate life insurance, Allstate offers several ways to reach out and get in front of someone who can help you along your journey. Allstate life insurance plans are designed by Allstate agents who will walk you through the process and answer any questions or concerns that may arise.

Amongst Allstates many products, there is a variety of term policies to choose from, depending on how long you need protection for, and universal life options that allow for more flexibility when it comes to making Allstate Life Insurance payments.

Allstate life insurance coverage is designed to protect your most critical financial responsibilities, including Allstate mortgages, Allstate car loans and Allstate credit cards, as well as covering your family’s lifestyle expenses such as Allstate food and medical bills. If you’re looking for Allstate term life insurance quotes, we will provide them – at no cost – and walk you through the applications process – also free of charge.

Allstate Life Insurance

All States is committed to providing consumers with various options to meet their needs and budget and can do so with any amount ranging from $25,000 up to $10 Million or more based on your personal preference. Applicants must be between the ages of 18-65 in most states (certain restrictions apply).

Allstate life insurance benefits are paid only when you pass away, and Allstate does not require a physical. Instead, Allstate will send your beneficiaries a check once Allstate’s underwriting department approves the claim. Allstate’s underwriting decisions are generally made within 24 hours or less, so there is no need to wait long periods for approval.

Contact one of their Allstates licensed agents to find out more about how we can assist you in finding the right plan today!

Allstate Life Insurance Policy Details

Allstate Life Insurance Company is the oldest American name in insurance. Allstate was established way back in 1931 by Tom Knudsen. Allstate agents are independent agents with one common goal of providing the best service possible to Allstate customers. Allstate provides:

  • The term, whole life, universal and variable annuities.
  • Supplemental health.
  • Auto, home, and business insurance.
  • Investment management services.
  • Retirement plan solutions.
  • College savings plans for education expenses.

Allstates offer many types of policies like term life insurance, whole life insurance, etc. For example, for Term Life Insurance, Allstates provides a 20-year term policy which would be the best option for young earners to cover their family in case of accident or death.

Whole life is another type of Allstate’s life insurance policy that offers a fixed premium for the lifetime of Allstate customers.

All States is also known for their various customers’ friendly services. If you are looking for an Allstate review on their term or whole All state life insurance, check out online All state reviews on different web pages, which are just made up of customers’ feedback about Allstate Company’s excellent service.

As long as you have any queries at all, there are toll-free numbers available 24 hours a day, seven days a week so that if you have any related to your insurance policy or need Allstates customer care support, you can immediately contact Allstate agents.

How do I make a life insurance claim with Allstate Insurance?

Allstate is a well-known brand in the insurance industry. Allstate Life Insurance comes in at an affordable price to provide you and your family financial security when times get hard. Allstate Life Insurance Company is one of the most popular life insurance companies in the United States, providing essential life insurance coverage for over 80 years.

Allstate has been around long enough to offer its policyholders a wide range of plans and prices, and Allstate life insurance claims are handled by All State’s experienced professionals who will guide you through this process.

Life happens, so make sure it happens for your loved ones by protecting them financially against hardships if tragedy strikes. Allstate helps protect people from life’s uncertainties with Allstate life insurance, critical illness insurance, and accident protection.

Allstate’s policies are designed to help consumers get back on their feet if they lose a spouse or breadwinner or become seriously ill. Also, Allstate provides consumers with the opportunity to save money on everyday purchases through Allstate Car Insurance.

Allstate recently made changes that significantly reduced the time it takes for policyholders to file an Allstate life insurance claim. Now, new policyholders can complete their applications online instead of filling out paper forms while calling in an Allstate life insurance claim is also faster, requiring only two minutes of your time while you’re speaking to an agent about your needs.

Call Allstate for All Insurance Quotes

By calling Allstate for all insurance quotes, you can get an idea of how much coverage you need and how much money it would cost for this protection from the experts at Allstate. If you’re looking for a local agent, visit, where you can find a local Allstate agent based on your location and preferences, or search through their online database of carriers who sell policies from several companies that offer Allstate life.

From there, choose the Allstate life Insurance plan that fits your needs and budget Allstate Life Insurance claims.

Frequently Asked Questions Allstate life insurance.

Does Allstate Life Insurance cover suicidal death?

Allstate Life Insurance will pay benefits if you die from an accidental cause such as an accident or illness but does not cover suicide unless it results from a sudden, temporary, and severe state of mental anguish. In addition, Allstate Life Insurance does not consider suicide or self-inflicted injuries accidental but rather results of deliberate intention.

Allstate will pay benefits if your death is the result of an accident. Allstate does not define what constitutes an accident. Allstate considers suicide to be self-inflicted injuries that are the direct result of a deliberate act by you on your life against advice by medical professionals or despite being under psychiatric care for at least two weeks. Allstate defines suicidal death as “death caused solely by intentional self-injury.”

Allstate requires proof that your death was caused by an intentional act on your part and excludes claims where you have a history of prior suicide attempts. In addition, Allstate may not pay benefits if your death results from a work-related injury that occurs within one year from the date Allstate receives notice of your disability.

Allstate may deny coverage or limit Allstate Life Insurance benefits for suicides committed after two years from the effective date of Allstate Life Insurance’s policy where you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and expected to die within 12 months, as evidenced by an opinion from a physician who has personally examined you at least once in person.

Does Allstate Life Insurance cover a drug overdose?

Allstate Life Insurance is a life insurance policy; Allstate can pay for your death from natural causes. Allstate also offers additional benefits such as accidental death insurance, which will provide proceeds if you die from an accident. In addition, Allstate offers accelerated coverage for total and permanent disability, or Allstate offers inflation protection.

Allstate offers term life insurance policies with various levels of guaranteed cash values, and Allstate offers universal life insurance policies that can build cash values through growing net premiums.

How much can I borrow from my Allstate Life Insurance policy?

Most Allstate life insurance policies offer a cash value that can be borrowed against and is available for a loan at the end of the second year. In addition, Allstate provides several different types of Allstate life insurance loans underwritten to your specific policy benefits.

All Allstate term life insurance policies will require an evaluation by Allstate upon request, as interest will likely accumulate if Allstate does not know of an Allstate loan.

Allstate non-term Allstate life insurance policies will require the Allstate policyholder to request an interest charge allowance typically issued 30 days after the Allstate request for information.

What does Allstate Life Insurance cover?

Allstate Life Insurance is coverage that pays a lump sum amount to your chosen beneficiary when you die. Allstate Life Insurance also provides financial support to your family while they grieve the loss of a loved one. Allstate Life Insurance can be essential in ensuring that your legacy lives on through the people you care about most; Allstate Life Insurance will help them secure their future.


Allstate Life Insurance is a company that offers life insurance to those who need it. They provide many different policies for people’s needs and budgets. So whether you’re looking for the right amount of coverage or want savings on your premiums, they have an option for you. We hope this blog post has shown you how easy it is to find the perfect protection plan with their help! If there are any questions about what we discussed in this article, don’t hesitate to contact them at 1-800-ALLSTATE (1-800-255-7828).

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