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The Illusion of Choice: Why Zebra Car Insurance?

Zebra Car Insurance has been providing affordable car insurance rates since 2000 and is known for rewarding its policyholders with cashback incentives that add up to hundreds of dollars per year. Zebra also focuses on new technology that aims to provide transparent service to Zebra drivers. As a result, Zebra is recognized by the Better Business Bureau as an accredited business with an A+ rating and received numerous customer satisfaction awards in 2013. Mr. Johnson (a Zephaire driver) said: “I am very impressed by Zebra’s customer service and how they stand behind the promises they make.”

The Zebra Review – Auto Insurance Comparison Made Easy

 Zebra Car Insurance

Though dozens of new car insurance companies are emerging every week, Zebra Car Insurance remains a leader among drivers who want the best possible rates and protection. Zebra’s new all-inclusive package serves as a great alternative to drivers stuck with hefty rate hikes and low limits for those looking for comprehensive coverage at unbeatable prices. Zebra’s all-encompassing car insurance package comes equipped with more than just coverage for damage claims – Zebra will cover any additional expenses incurred by its policyholders during accidents such as medical bills, lost wages, and property damage. In addition, zebra Insurance knows no limits when it comes to affordable auto insurance rates.

With Zebra’s new two-part system, users only need to provide Zebra Insurance with their personal information once to receive Zebra Car Insurance quotes that are 100% free without the hassle of long forms or confusing terms. Zebra has consolidated the entire process into eight simple steps:

1) Enter personal information using Zebra’s quick and easy form

2) Zebra Insurance will provide you with Zebra Car Insurance rates for your specific needs

3) Switch, if needed, to Zebra Health Insurance (optional)

4) Enter personal information only once! Zebra automatically sends all of your personal information to Zebra Health Insurance at no cost or hassle. Once Zebra has all of your pertinent information, it can match you with the best possible rates from dozens of competing health insurance companies.

5) Zebra will send you an email detailing the Zebra Car Insurance and Zebra Health Insurance results. You can choose which company’s package works best for you without having to fill out a form or do any additional legwork on your own time. Zebra Insurance makes it surprisingly easy to choose Zebra Car Insurance rates.

6) Zebra will send your Zebra Car Insurance policy information to both Zebra and Zebra Health Insurance within one business day, so you can rest assured that all of your bases are covered. In addition, Zebra’s efficient system for switching between Zebra Car Insurance and Zebra Health Insurance means you never have to worry about receiving different price quotes for the same coverage package.

7) Once both Zebra companies receive your personal information, Zebra Car Insurance or Zebra Health Insurance will continue to monitor your policy over three months to ensure that the customer gets an accurate quote at each renewal period. In addition, the companies will-mail reminders before any changes take place, allowing Zebra customers to make the best use of Zebra Car Insurance or Zebra Health Insurance.

8) Zebra then sends all customer information updates to both Zebra and Zebra Health Insurance at no additional cost, meaning Zebra makes it easier than ever for its policyholders to receive more competitive rates with Zebra Car Insurance or Zebra Health Insurance. As a result, customers can rest assured that they receive the most comprehensive coverage at the lowest possible prices.

All About The Zebra Review – Auto Insurance Comparison Made Easy From start to finish, Zebra’s new two-part system lets drivers choose between Zebra Car Insurance and Zebra Health insurance so quickly that anyone can do it without outside help! All you have to do is enter your personal information, and Zebra Car Insurance rates and Zebra Health Insurance rates will be tailored to fit your specific needs! As a result, Zebra makes it easier than ever for customers to enjoy the benefits of receiving competitive Zebra Car Insurance and Zebra Health Insurance coverage packages.

What is The Zebra?

Zebra is a car insurance company that strives to provide affordable rates while rewarding its policyholders with cashback incentives. Zebra’s novel approach includes utilizing innovative technology and earning an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Zebra uses a similar format for all of its staff bios on its website: “Zachary Benson has been at Zebra since 2007 and oversees the management of underwriting quality.” However, each section is filled with information that is unique and relevant to Zebra. For example, some of the Zebra staff bios include:

Zachary Benson has been at Zebra since 2007 and oversees the management of underwriting quality.

Zaq Landsman is responsible for product development, marketing & data analytics as well as community outreach. Zarqa previously founded Zebit, specializing in financial technology products, including small business loans and leases.

Although each bio begins with “Zachary Benson” or “Zaq Landsman,” all biographies go on to provide valuable information about the individual’s experience within Zebra through accomplishments over their career at Zebra.

Writing about What are Zebra’s goals? Zebra strives to build an insurance brand for Zebra policyholders by providing [transparent service, Zebra Car Insurance]. Zebra car insurance also aims to save Zebra drivers money with its low rates.

The Zebra has three main goals:

Build an insurance brand for Zebra’s policyholders

Save Zebra drivers money on their premiums

Provide transparent service to all customers

How does The Zebra work?

Zebra Car Insurance offers its customers attractive rates and a generous cashback incentive on top of regular benefits. Zebra also has an excellent customer support team available 24/7 to help with any questions or claims. Zebra only insures cars, not drivers, so rates will vary based on the car you drive and your driving record (the Zebra algorithm considers this data when generating your monthly rate quote).

Zebra’s mission is to provide affordable insurance while still offering above-par reward incentives for being a good driver without penalizing drivers with poor credit scores or at-fault accidents in their past. Zebra provides transparent service to its customers through easy-to-understand terms laid out in plain English, all backed by Zebra’s Z Score customer support team. Zebra Car Insurance is now available in 29 states. It has been featured on several national media outlets such as ABC News, CBS News, Fox Business Network, The Wall Street Journal for being one of the best car insurance companies to work with based on its overall customer service ratings. Zebra’s co-founder Alex Timm attributes Zebra’s success to his focus on giving customers what they want rather than trying to sell them something he wants. In addition, zebra customers are empowered by the Score system that puts each claim or question through a five-step Score verification process. As a result, all the information is accurate the first time around instead of wasting hours upon hours getting claims approved through traditional methods.

Zebra uses an algorithm developed by Score to handle claims data and provide customers with Scores, Zebra’s version of customer service ratings. Zebra rates its customers on a scale of 1-100 based on their driving record, driving habits, age, credit score, and many other factors. Customers can see the Score assigned to them after each policy has been issued, so they always know what kind of insurance company they are dealing with instead of being left in the dark.

The Zebra algorithm considers all these sub-data when generating your monthly rate quote so that you know exactly where you stand as far as your risk for accidents is concerned. Zebra boasts low rates because it does not use traditional methods to price its policies. For example, Zebra does not factor in your occupation, education level, or credit score when running its Z Score algorithm.

Zebra believes that this data is only relevant to the quality of the insurance you are seeking, not how much you should pay for it. For example, if zebra customers have mercury in their teeth or skateboard to work because Zebra believes people should be rewarded for being good drivers instead of being penalized for making mistakes in their past.

Zebra’s co-founder Alex Timm came up with the idea of Zebra Car Insurance after realizing people are forced to use subpar car insurance services due to fear of high premiums even though they may be a safe driver with an excellent driving record.

Zebra Car Insurance is working towards providing a better alternative in the car insurance market, giving its customers a Z Score that accurately reflects their Zebra experience, and Zebra’s Z Score development team is working to innovate new ways to provide an even more personalized customer service plan by incorporating Score into all aspects of Zebra’s operations.

How much does The Zebra cost?

Zebra offers seven rate plans, all of which are very affordable. Zebra’s rates are 40% to 58% cheaper than the average insurance company in an individual’s state. Zebra also has a unique cashback program for policyholders that provides discounts on items such as groceries or gasoline when drivers pay their Zebra bill with Zebucks. Zebucks are collected based on how much money you save by using Zebra Insurance instead of other providers.

With no hidden fees or surcharges, straightforward rates paired with excellent service – including how easy it is to “get online and access one’s account, Zebra has been described as a company that every customer should have the chance to work with. In addition, zebra car insurance is a unique and affordable option at ZebraCarInsurance.com.

The Zebra features

Zebra has been featured in top media outlets worldwide, including Forbes, The New York Times, and Business Insider. Zebra’s advertising campaigns are also well known for their unique style and catchy jingles. Zebra is recognized as one of the leading providers of low-cost automobile insurance, focusing on innovative technology, ensuring total transparency to its customers. Zebra was even named an Accredited Business with an A+ rating by Better Business Bureau in 2013.


Zebra Car Insurance offers low rates, a mobile app that lets you buy auto insurance with just a few clicks, and cashback rewards for being a loyal customer. Zebra Insurance was founded in 2000, and Zebra has been publicly traded since 2012. Zebra aims to provide transparent service. Zebra is an A+ accredited business with the Better Business Bureau Zebra earned its reputation by consistently offering affordable prices to drivers. Zebra’s Cashback Rewards program allows customers to make up to 10 percent of their premium cashback on everyday purchases. In addition, Zebra provides comprehensive coverage at competitive rates. Zebra car insurance reviews show that Zembra car insurance is easy to use Zebra car insurance gives you flexibility and control over your policy.


Zebra car insurance may not be the best choice for drivers with evil credit Zebra requires you to have no DUI violations Zebra does not offer any discounts Zebra can’t provide coverage if your zip code is excluded Zebra Car Insurance rates are higher than most other insurers Zebra’s mobile app doesn’t include many features Zebra’s cash back rewards program can take up to 45 days to process.


Zebra Car Insurance provides its customers with affordable automobile insurance rates and rewards them for being safe drivers. Zebra aims to provide its customers with a transparent service that is easy to use. Zebra has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, meaning Zebra offers a high level of customer satisfaction. Zebra also invests in innovative technology for its policyholders. Overall, Zebra offers excellent prices and excellent customer service, which makes it one of the top providers on the market today! [ARTICLE END]

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