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Seven Corners Travel Insurance Reviews 2022

“Travel insurance can be a minefield, but these companies have a lot of experience helping travellers feel safer when they go abroad.”

“Seven Corners is a great insurance company that has been in business for more than 27 years. They have recently been acquired by Assurant, Inc., one of the largest providers of insurance in the world. As a part of the Assurant family, Seven Corners now has more resources than ever to continue providing top-notch service to their current customers and develop new ones. With the acquisition of Seven Corners, Assurant has significantly expanded its presence in the travel insurance market and now provides coverage for more than 200 countries.”

Here are the best ways to shop for travel insurance. These will save you time and money and ensure you get the most comprehensive coverage available.

Seven Corners is an independent online insurance broker that can find the best travel insurance options for you. Unlike traditional travel insurance companies that focus on volume, Seven Corners focuses on quality of service. They make sure you get the best coverage, at the lowest price, for your trip, whether it’s a business trip or a vacation.

Travel insurance is a must when you go somewhere you have never been before. It could save your life. There are many types of travel insurance policies. Make sure you purchase the right type for your trip. If you will be traveling internationally, it is essential to buy extra coverage for your trip. Also, make sure you select the proper level of coverage for your needs. Don’t skimp on this because it could end up costing you thousands if you have an accident or get sick while you are away.

Seven Corners has access to hundreds of insurance carriers so they can find you the best policy at the lowest price. Plus, they are constantly monitoring the industry to see reductions in coverage and premiums. So when you use Seven Corners, you don’t have to worry about anything.

They take care of everything. All you have to do is pick the policy that meets your needs and pay for it with one of your credit cards. And, if you don’t like the procedure, you can cancel it for any reason within the first 30 days, and you will not be charged a single penny. In addition, seven Corners currently has coverage for trips worldwide and trips to over 70 countries.

They also have a “Triple Guarantee” that gives you protection even if the airline you are flying loses your luggage if you have to change or cancel your travel plans, the hotel you are staying in is not up to standard, or if there is any other reason at all. 

Another thing about their “No Questions Asked Money Back” policy is they will even pay for your return flight if you are not completely satisfied with the product.

How It Works: Select the Plans That Best Fit Your Needs

Each of the seven corners represents a specific type of travel insurance policy. The most common types include air, car, cruise, health, and trip cancellation. Each one provides different levels of coverage and is suited to different needs. When it comes to selecting the right plan for you, consider your travel needs and what will be most valuable. To make it easier to choose the best plan for your needs, here are a few things to consider when selecting a travel insurance plan.

Air Travel Insurance

This is probably the most widely used type of travel insurance. It is cheap, but it does not cover everything. For example, if you have an emergency while flying, this type of insurance will not cover you. However, if you are buying trip insurance, you should consider this option.

Car Travel Insurance

If you have a car, this is the best type of insurance you can get. It will cover almost anything that happens to your vehicle while driving it. Of course, if your car is in perfect condition, you probably do not need this type of insurance. However, if your vehicle has minor dents, minor scratches, or is a few years old, then you should consider getting car insurance.

Cruise Travel Insurance

If you are going on a cruise, you should get this type of insurance. It is the best coverage available for cruisers. It is often given as a gift with your cruise package.

Health Travel Insurance

If you are in perfect health, you probably do not need this type of insurance. However, if you have a pre-existing condition, you should consider getting health insurance. Some of these policies even cover your doctors and medical costs.

Trip cancellation Travel Insurance

This is the most popular type of travel insurance because it covers almost everything. It states that if something happens to you (such as getting sick) that prevents you from going on your trip, the insurance company will pay for your trip up to the total amount of money you had paid to travel to your destination. If you have paid for your trip in cash, this usually means that the insurance company will pay for your entire trip. 

If you have purchased your travel insurance with a credit card, it may only cover a part of your trip. Many credit card companies don’t provide any reimbursement for canceled trips. If you are not sure what type of policy you need, this is the type that should suit your needs best. If something happens to you and you cannot travel, the insurance company will make up the difference and pick up the tab. This gives you peace of mind knowing that the company would take care of you if something were to happen.

Three Simple Steps To Enrolling And Getting Your Discount

Enrolling in travel insurance is the first step to getting a discount. Travel insurance is mandatory if you will be using any of your vacation days while you are away from home. The next step is to get your travel insurance policy in advance. 

The third step is to use some or all of your vacation time away from home. Doing this will allow you to save even more on your travel insurance. 

And finally, the last step is to let your travel insurance company know that you have used some or all of your vacation time. Letting your insurance company know will result in a discount for which you will receive an email receipt.

Essential Things You Should Know About This Insurance

Travel insurance has some key features that you should be aware of. You want to ensure you have coverage for loss of baggage, theft or damage to your passport or other travel documents, and medical expenses incurred in the case of emergency. If you are injured, you also want to know that your medical bills will be covered and that there will be a limit to how much your insurance company will pay.

What Happens If I Get Sick or Injured While Vacationing?

Your vacation insurance policy could provide some protection if you fall ill or are injured while away from home. Some policies offer additional coverage for additional expenses such as medical treatments and even emergency evacuations. They may also cover your pet or provide free transportation to get you to the nearest emergency room.

How Be Will My Claims Processed?

If you say your claim will be processed within 24-hours, 98% of customers will assume you are kidding. But once you state that processing takes three to six weeks, the claims amount to only 2% of the people you talk to will question your sincerity. The other % will assume you are being sincere and are going to process their claim promptly.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Make A Claim?

How much will seven corners travel insurance cost me to make a claim? It depends. The amount you pay will vary based on several factors, including the coverage you select, how long ago you purchased it, and whether you have previously made any claims under this policy.


I am not a travel insurance expert. I write these reviews because I feel like they are good value for money and are written by people who have been using them for at least a year. They are a great place to start if you look for a no-nonsense, honest travel insurance policy. 

As a disclaimer, I get paid when you buy a policy through my links. However, the amount I get paid is minimal, and it doesn’t affect my recommendations. Furthermore, these reviews don’t represent the views of any other organizations.

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